a project by Bersani|D’Agostin

with a team of young athletes

and an astrophysic

Produced by Centrale Fies + VAN

Project curator and promotion Giulia Traversi

Supported by CSC/Centro per la Scena Contemporanea

Conceived in dialogue with the town of Dro and Centrale Fies for the Festival 2017, FORMAZIONI is the space for an encounter: the one between an astrophysic, two artists and a group of young athletes.

The cosmos, the team and the secret world of each teenager are galaxies controlled by mysterious physical laws. The rules at the heart of each of these systems will be observed, measured and challenged until they reveal their movement, united or discordant.

The gaze that will be asked to practice is the same that bigger men set aside for planets: while feeding hope for an eternal compactness, they had to admit their destiny of unavoidable moving away from each other.

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