ideation Chiara Bersani action and creation Chiara Bersani, Riccardo Buscarini, Matteo Ramponi assistant Antonio De La Fe in collaboration with Marco D'Agostin dramaturgical advice Claudia Valla original music Stefano Dessanay, Paolo Persia, Mattia Bersani, Leonardo Tedeschi stage manager Laura Piccioni production Associazione Culturale Corpoceleste_C.C.00# in collaboration with Premio Prospettiva Danza 2011, CSC-Centro per la scena contemporanea (Bassano del Grappa), AudioZone Studio, Ina/Assitalia - Agenzia Generale di Piacenza, Stanhome S.p.a. - Sede di Parma e Piacenza, Accademia Domenichino (Piacenza), ASITOI - Associazione Italiana Osteogenesi Imperfetta

Family Tree is a project that branches out from the body. In Family Tree, the body is seen as the point of contact between past and present, the root that connects us to the world, the only trace left in the time by our ancestors and our history.

We are mosaics of events, we can only reconstruct our memories and order the fragments of our image through the others and their eyes.

At the root of the work there is a reflection developed in 2009: "I was born on 9thNovember 1984, suffering from a medium / severe form of osteogenesis imperfecta, a genetic alterationthat makes the skeletal system more fragile and hinder their development. For this reason, I have undergone severaloperations that have left inevitable traces on my body. Following the scars on my skin, I can rebuild my autobiography. Foreach sign corresponds to a date, a place, a precise sequence of memories. If I consider my life through this journey, I find myself as the protagonist of a long performance whose beginning is to be found in its genetic root."

These words were the starting point for the dialogue with Riccardo Buscarini and Matteo Ramponi.

The request was to call into play their own bodies, stories, and visions to respond to my concept and to create works around this idea.

Each of us has taken the direction of the work exploring and sharing each other's languages and aesthetics. Each of the fragments we have created is one’s personal answer to the starting point.

A triptych of works was created bring the audience to an intimate fresco of light and color in which life, death, fragility and strength meet.

Ph. Remo RamponiLampade e FumoFamily Tree-18Family Tree-24banda2Family Tree - performance by Chiara Bersani - Sassari 2013
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