[2017] by Bersani | D'Agsotin

performed by Chiara Bersani, Marta Ciappina, Marco D'Agostin, Matteo Ramponi and a group of young local dancers music Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld closing ceremony anthem Hani Jazzar co-creation of the closing ceremony Luca Poncetta design and creation of the Olympic rings Paola Villani mentoring Igor Dobričić technical direction Paolo Tizianel logistic and stage assistance Eleonora Cavallo video&photo Alice Brazzit promotion Marco Villari translation and supervision of subtitles Amy Bell, Giulia Galvan, Solveigh Patett co-produced by K3 Tanzplan Hamburg as part of the project TOGETHER APART, funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation; CapoTrave/Kilowatt; VAN dance company; european project BeSpectACTive (supported by CapoTrave/Kilowatt; Tanec Praha; Teatrul National Radu Stanca Sibiu; Bachelit Multi Art Centre; Domino Zagreb; York Theatre Royal; B-51 Ex Ponto Lubjana; Lift London) creative residency at Centrale FIES art work space supported by Corsia Of - Centro di Creazione Contemporanea; Ateliersi

Four young people meet at sunset, in the shadow of the olympic truce that has just been called: time has come to crumple, one gaze into the other, in the communion of tiredness. Poets suggested them that time for resistance is the present one, and its form is duration.

In order for them to not get caught unprepared by the dawn, they learn how to recognize each other with invisible signs of agreement; they practice how to drive their gaze towards the same direction. Tomorrow, they will keep piercing the world.

This is the wish that leads us, and the same we want for the audience: may these Olympic Games be the time of an encounter, the place where to find eyes to walk with through the night.

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