Tell Me More
Performance of Chiara Bersani assistant Matteo Ramponi, performers Ignazio Furlan, Luigi Furlan, Giovanni Mayer, Virginio Piotto, Ignazio Scalas, Marco Zanchetta, Domenico Zonta, Giancarlo Zonta production Corpoceleste_C.C.00#, CSC_Centro per la Scena Contemporanea (Bassano del Grappa) in collaboration with Compania La Tristura (Madrid), Teatro Pradillo (Madrid) observation of the creative process Marco D'Agostin, Chiara Granata, Annalisa Grisi, Giuseppe Sartori, Giorgia Nardin, Enrica Vigna, Anna Colafiglio video Matteo Maffesanti, Francesco Barbieri e Chiara Granata photo Chiara Granata 

Crisis in a society leads to an instable and dangerous transitory situation. Its natural conclusion is the creation of a new equilibrium.

In Tell Me More, Crisis is not the main subject of the performance. Crisis is a work method.

The performance is based on a dialogue eight singers from a male choir and myself.

We built a method that would deliberately undermine the certainties of our everyday roles and that would put us in a situation of real unease, depriving us of the specific practices of our work.

The choir members had to renounce to the roles that compose the choir and to their leader, the elements that structure the ensemble, as well as to the singing and to the uniform. In my turn, I have forced myself to abandon all kind of composition (choreography, music, images and lights).

We became the row material of our work. Nine persons without points of reference that must occupy a space.

For two years we have being trying to reach a new equilibrium, that would suggest us a possible solution.

What we have reached was instead the capacity to live the undefined.

This performance doesn’t speak about solutions but about the ability to master the condition of permanent waiting that the Crisis generates and forces on us.

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