Gentle Unicorn at No Limits 2024 (HONG KONG)

23 Gen 2024

© Masiar Pasquali

Quiet and thought provoking, a candid invitation to look and reflect

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揮別世俗眼光 讓獨角獸自我發聲,在看與被看的角力中溫柔地實現身體自主
身高 98 厘米、擁有一雙靈動的大眼睛的貝爾薩尼對場內陌生人投注的眼光毫不在意,甚至還主動回瞪他們,成為觀眾凝視下的破口。
此時此刻, 獨角獸不是被凝視的客體,而是可見的主體,始終堅定的眼神緊緊扣人心弦。
意大利最高榮譽烏布獎(Premio Ubu)最佳演員得主祈亞娜.貝爾薩尼自 2013 年起專注於探索身體政治,運用不同創作媒介,包括聲樂、影像及戲劇,以一系列作品回應社會對身心障礙的詮釋與建構。《溫柔的獨角獸》延伸自此系列,曾受邀到倫敦舞傘舞蹈節、威尼斯雙年展及冰島雷克雅未克舞蹈節演出,反應熱烈。

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Urbtix 城市售票網
Art-mate 網上售票平台

14.3.2024 – 8 pm
15.3.2024 – 8 pm
16.3.2024 – 3 pm, 8 pm
17.3.2024 – 3 pm

葵青劇院黑盒劇場 Black Box Theatre, Kwai Tsing Theatre
票價 Ticket price $100

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Clothed in the skin of a mythical creature, Chiara Bersani, 98 cm tall, presents herself to us as the unicorn – slowly and provocatively giving life to its breath, its eyes, its body, and essence, and inviting us to reflect on our perceptions of what we see. Quiet and thought-provoking, Gentle Unicorn is a deceptively simple work of physical theatre that bewitches the audience and slows time, revealing the impossibly magical creature as wholly and terribly human.
Award-winning Italian artist Chiara Bersani creates work that examines the politics and meaning of the body in society. With Gentle Unicorn, she explores the interpretations given to bodies that meet societal expectations differently. Alone on stage, Bersani controls how we view her, gently challenging us to lock eyes with her and look. As she unflinchingly returns our gaze, subtly subverting hints of voyeurism, we are also forced to look at ourselves.
As an actor and performer, Bersani is trained in theatrical research, contemporary dance, and performance, and has worked with renowned contemporary performance artists such as Rodrigo Garcia, Jérôme Bel, and Alessandro Sciarroni. Gentle Unicorn was selected for Aerowaves Twenty 2019, and presented at the Venice Biennale, Reykjavík Dance Festival, and London’s international dance festival Dance Umbrella to wide acclaim. In 2019, Bersani was recognized at Italy’s most prestigious performing arts awards with a UBU Best Newcomer Award for Performers under 35, as well as the Total Theatre Award for Dance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
設語音場刊 House program in audio format available
# 演後藝人談 Post-performance Meet-the-Artist Session

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“No Limits” is co-presented by the Hong Kong Arts Festival and The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust.


Strategic Supporting Partner: Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong

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